FDEShield. A new way to strengthen Truecrypt and Bitlocker

Objectives :

Our first goal was to create a software tool that is free access and free of charge, reducing the risk of modification during the start-up of a computer. In addition, our secondary objective was to detect any malicious use of a computer while the legitimate owner was away.

The FDEShield solution is made up of an Ubuntu operating system that starts on a USB key to launch the Python FDEShield program. The software checks the following three points :

  • The first mega of the USB start-up key containing FDEShield has not been modified,
  • The first mega containing the hard disk start-up sector selected in FDEShield has not been modified since the last start-up,
  • The hard drives selected in FDEShield have not been powered up since the last start-up.

Note : The FDE acronym comes from English and stands for “FULL DISK ENCRYPTION”.


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Downloading :

The software will be freely available for download in the coming weeks. This solution is self-installed through a dedicated USB key.

Licenses :

The FDEShield project is distributed under GPL v2 license, to allow all interested companies to protect their sensitive computers, such as laptops left on and unattended for long periods.