Code review. Durcir la sécurité d'une application développée en Python

Python code review
Risks‬ :

Software developed in Python may contain vulnerabilities within their application architectures or at the heart of the application’s source code. These faults can be used by attackers seeking to harm the security of a platform or system.

Objectives :

This source code audit is designed to analyse the programme or modules developed in Python in depth. The auditor will be able to manually analyse the application. This manual approach is reinforced by the use of commercial analysis software.


During this mission, we audit the classic Python code that is destined for the Internet or for local use. We also audit software that was developed for the Appengine platform from Google.

Our examination methods are based on our experience and the use of automatic analysis tools to accelerate certain parts of code auditing.‭

It is important to note that every week our company develops software modules in the Python language to strengthen our platform for Nemesis penetration. This approach allows us to maintain and enhance our team’s skills.

Reports :

Code audit report, ‭correction monitoring.

Maturity :

This engagement is in the initial phase and needs to be reinforced through our missions.