Penetration test

The classical penetration test to evaluation the information system security level.

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Incursion test

The revisited penetration test with a large focus on all the information system.

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Configuration review

The configuration review dedicated to specific software or hardware assesment.

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Our Differences

Our main differences in the field of computer security.

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Recent Updates

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Talsion Systems, the value of our creations

For 4 years now, we have been building innovative security solutions providing new avenues of protection for each of our customers. Today this direction is valued within our company through.. read more

Talsion Hosting, when hosting becomes security

We have just received the first server intended for one of our customers to integrate our new Talsion Hosting platform. We have chosen to capitalize our expertise around Dell products.. read more

Questions of students

We present below some mission types, in order to respond to the questions of students who are interested in a computer security consultant’s missions. These questions often come up during.. read more