History. Expertise forged through years of implementation in the field

The talsion company changes every year in order to offer new missions and knowledge to each of our customers.

The history of the company since 2001 is chronicled below:

Date Description
2014 Creation of the 4th version of our system “MARS IV,” integrating ARM technology‬,
Birth of Eyria‭®,
Creation of the project Tacio®,
Reopening and updating of the Yaunbug‭®‬,‭ Securitygarden‭® projects,
2013 Launch of the Earthquake project,
Closing of the Yaunbug‭®‬,‭ Securitygarden‭® ‬ャand HackerSTOP‭® projects,
2012 Creation of NemesisNG‭®‬
Exceeded the limit of 50 extensions for our NEMESIS‭® framework
2011 Creation of our framework integrated with audit and penetration tools‬ :‭ NEMESIS®
2010 Launch of the first French site dedicated to security tools: SECURITYGARDEN‭®
2009 Launch of the online toolkit dedicated to network administrators : YAUNBUG®
2008 Launch of the website surveillance and security service‬ :‭ HackerSTOP‭®
2007 Creation of the 3rd version of our virtual information system “‬ MARS III‭ ”
Launch of ISO27001 pre-audit analyses
2006 Creation of the training program‭ :‭ Passeport RSSI‭®
2005 Birth of the TALSION project
Creation of the second version of our virtual information system “MARS II”
Launch of computer support and post-penetration audit analysis missions
2004 Creation of telephone security tools
Hardening of project bases and federation of related components
Creation of computer security training programs catalogue
2003 Validation of project viability using umbrella company services
Creation of audit tools‭ (‬ ACA:‭ Automatic Configuration Audit‭ ) ‬
Creation of our first information system‭ “‬MARS I”
2002 Creation of the expertise division
Launch of Wi-Fi wireless network audit missions
2001 Company project concepts launch