Nginx. A new generation of high performance web servers

Objectives :

The Nginx configuration audit is designed to thoroughly analyse the security of the Nginx server configuration and its modules, in order to harden the platform against any attack aimed at a website running with Nginx.

During this performance, a set of 80 checkpoints will be verified within the installation and will be treated accordingly, for example‬ャ:

  • SSL configuration
  • The implementation of Nginx modules
  • The restriction of used memory
  • The control of simultaneous connections
  • The setting of “timeout” connections
  • The event logs
  • The restriction of privileges
  • The reduction of available methods
  • « Hotlinking » control
  • Restriction of time for scripts execution

This computer security audit mission is reinforced by the implementation of analyses and recommendations targeting hardware and software architecture discovered within the audited platform.

Reports :

Configuration audit report, ‭correction tools

Maturity :

This mission is in the standardization phase within our company.