Incursion test. Exceed the limits in order to create an original penetration and a genuine security approach

Incursion test
Risks :

The use of networks or applications connected to the Internet exposes the company to risks of cracking, misuse of information, and destruction of vital company data.

Objectives :

Unlike the penetration test, le test d’incursion aims to exceed the usual limits of the penetration test. In fact, the penetration test does not thoroughly analyse the architecture and related blocks that often remain hidden after the completion of the penetration test. In order to remedy this weakness of the penetration test, we created a new mission broken down into four related areas: the penetration test, the vulnerability test, the interview, and the architecture review.


This innovative approach shown above exceeds the constants usually established in a simple penetration test. Our customers can enhance the security of the audited perimeter with customised blocks coming from a comprehensive reflection combining several supplementary axes of analysis.

The strength of our audit procedures and tools rests on our expertise and more than three years of development that were necessary to the creation of Nemesis technology. This penetration framework was created and developed in France. Because of its manual approach, Nemesis allows for the reinforcement of our auditors’・action capabilities and the quality of our missions.


The incursion test is a mission specifically created to thoroughly strengthen your company’ defences, while taking into account the actual exposure of the perimeter to be audited

Thanks to the commitment of our company to respect people and employees, we reject all processes advocating social engineering.

Reports :

Penetration test report, risk visualisation tools, trophies.

Maturity :

This mission is at the highest level of maturity within our company. It has been performed at least 100 times with our customers. Our innovations regularly cause the mission to evolve, and we have also put a quality management procedure in place.