Talsion Systems, the value of our creations.


For 4 years now, we have been building innovative security solutions providing new avenues of protection for each of our customers.

Today this direction is valued within our company through the creation of a specific segmentation to communicate about each of the products we have created in our company.

Therefore, six new products have been introduced in our company’s catalog in 2015.

  • Talsion Filtering Proxy, a white list reverse proxy that is custom configured for each of our customers.
  • Talsion Activity Detector, a brick that facilitates piracy detection within a corporate network.
  • Talsion Virtual Safe, a high security virtual safe linking the software and hardware solutions. A beta version will be available in September 2015.
  • Talsion Network Gate, a gateway to the traditional or encrypted network feed using strong authentication with several vectors.
  • Talsion File Share, a customizable file exchange hub for creating exchange protocol mutualization.
  • Talsion Event Manager, a centralization solution of logs based on Elastic Search technology, to centralize all of the security bricks that we have created, as well as the events from the operating systems and applications.

Each of these products was created within our company and is based on specific developments and open source tested bricks.

These solutions are designed with the highest security requirement levels in order to guarantee the separation of powers, encryption of private information, and feeds.

This orientation is reinforced by the implementation of a specific centralized logging of events that may occur during the use of the solution.