System. The mission targets selected operating systems

Risks :

Operating systems, or “firmwares,” deployed within information system blocks can cause hard-to-find vulnerabilities. These flaws have a critical impact on the security of the information system or the data being processed.

Objectives :

The mission targeting the system portion is designed to discover vulnerabilities in the operating systems normally used within the information system. Therefore, it is possible to reinforce the unit security of each operating system making up the audited company’s information system.

In order to strengthen our offensive capabilities during our application penetration missions, we have capitalised on our skills within one of the first French penetration frameworks, Nemesis.


This technology makes up the auditor’ hand tools. Nemesis also allows for the reinforcement of the analysis capabilities of audited operating systems.

Maturity :

The mission has been performed at least 100 times with our customers. Our innovations regularly cause the mission to evolve, and we have also put a quality management procedure in place.