New year 2015.


A new year has begun, with important developments in the organization of our company to create independent legal entities for each of our businesses. This reorganization, which is primarily legal in nature, allows us to separate certain operations.

Auditing and penetration testing, at the heart of our historical expertise, are now performed by Talsion Defense. Since January, our vision of computer security has been strengthened by two new operations:

The customized development of adapted software, based on the Python language, to create highly secure applications and websites. These developments combine the concepts of cryptography, strong authentication, and resistance to hacking. All of this expertise is handled by Talsion Systems.

Along with the creation of solutions that meet our customers’ needs, in 2015, Talsion Systems will offer some new products, such as Webgrinder, Netbuoy, and Tacio.

An introduction to the various products created by Talsion Systems follows:

Webgrinder (Talsion Filtering Proxy) is a technology created within our company that performs customized filtering solutions on application feeds directed to Internet sites. This technology is based solely on white lists in the image of firewalls and strong concepts of user context management.

Netbuoy (Talsion Activity Detector) is a multi-agent system based on Kibana visualization technology and on software buoy created specifically by our company, in order to detect certain abnormal behaviors within a computer network or a virtual environment. This technology is already available to our long-time customers.

Tacio (Talsion Virtual Safe), our virtual safe, is at the end of development the first prototype’s arrival scheduled for late September 2015.

This software orientation is reinforced by the new hosting operation in a secure architecture, in order to provide a very high level of tolerance to crashes, as well as computer attacks, ranging from physical intrusion to the traditional computer intrusion to denial-of-service attacks.

Beyond the approach consisting of setting up an enclosure of protection, we have built an organization to detect, identify, and contain threats that may occur within the platforms that we host. All of this new dynamic is handled by Talsion Hosting.

Our client’s systems are hosted in our bays within a Parisian data-centre, in accordance with standard ISO 27001. This base is strongly enhanced by the addition of specific bricks.

These strategic orientations are based on the know-how and expertise that we have acquired during 10 years of building the Talsion Defence information system and strengthening the security of our customers.