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Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Nemesis‭ & ARM


At the end of march 2014, we ended the portage of the “identification & topology” portion of our Nemesis framework on ARM technology, so we reduced Nemesis’s electricity consumption by 70%.

This approach allowed us to model our libraries and conventional tools on a new hardware platform, combining low electricity consumption with an extreme reduction in the amount of congestion in our technologies during the administration of a mission in the field.


During the complete portage of our technology, we are able to obtain one of the most economic energy-related computer penetration tools in the field of information systems security.

According to tests performed internally on a complete architecture made up of more than 80 processors and 40 Gigs of RAM, we achieve a consumption of about 40 A (200 Watts), or the equivalent power of a single traditional Intel-processor based server.