Dissymmetry in computer security.


Computer security for companies is based on the training of users, defense technologies, and the internal organization of security. However, these aspects are very expensive and require significant human resources.

Today, many software technologies are embedded within hardware platforms that are no longer up-to-date because the equipment is obsolete. Therefore, many companies have been forced to build emergency alternative solutions with the arrival of Poddle and Heartbleed.

In fact, modern computing is built on complex software bricks that were not subject to code auditing or are deliberately weakened and vulnerable.

In this modern aspect, the digital over-dependence of our companies and the arrival of all-communicating has introduced some previously unknown threats

It is easy to see that a fierce dissymmetry exists between defense methods and computer attack tools at the level of all stakeholders in the digital world.

Since 2013, our company has chosen to respond by going beyond the consulting world in order to create new defenses and innovative missions improving our customers’ security in the long term.

After the incursion test, Tacio was the first new generation technological brick aimed at defending the exchange of data. This solution was based on the experience and analysis of deficiencies discovered during the practice of our profession.

It was designed to provide a low surface of attack and maximum resilience to computer attackers while staying within a reasonable cost.

The Tacio solution fits into our dynamic of rupture and will be subject to the necessary commercialization certifications in accordance with our country’s laws.