New missions.innovation in computer security


On June 2013, we launched a new dynamic to review in depth and improve our computer security missions. In fact, in some countries current events and massive computer espionage have greatly upset the typical vision of auditors concerning information systems protection and security.

Thus, we decided to create a new computer security mission: incursion test , based on the intervention of two auditors. Its goal is to study different axes at the heart of our clients’ information system, through a differential analysis of faults currently absent in penetration tests that are usually administered during computer security audit missions.

The incursion test is designed to meet the needs of nearly 98% of our customers who don’t really need an advanced penetration test. This very specific engagement will remain the subject of sensitive missions which may be performed following “Tiger Team” concepts.


The incursion test made up of the following blocks‬ :

– A penetration test,
– A vulnerability test,
– An architectural review,
– Interviews.

This new approach increases the length of our missions by about 40%, but it offers a unique view of the actual security level of a data perimeter within a controlled budget.

This innovative approach is accompanied by new tools that aid analysis through our penetration framework Nemesis and a new exchange platform covered by several patents in the process of being filed.

In December 2014, we hope to achieve a new version of the tests d’incursion based on feedback from our customers and reports that we will have been able to create in practice.