Verdana versus Roboto.


After more than 10 years of good and loyal service, we have replaced the Verdana font provided by the Microsoft Corporation with the Roboto font released by Google for use in all of our work documents.

This standardization of our graphic charter allows us to have better visibility within our documents so that our security audit reports are most suitable for reading both on a computer screen and from a printed report.

In addition, the Roboto font is based on the Apache license, which allows us to use it without any major constraints on any project or computer penetration tool.

Below, you can see two texts written with the different fonts. The first one uses Verdana font and the second is Roboto.





The choice of the Roboto font results from the evaluation of many fonts. We wanted to make them professional while remaining more human and making our documents easier to read.

Therefore, only the Roboto police allowed us to reconcile our editorial constraints and new electronic information reading media.